Formerly known as the Burlington Northern Train Depot, the Burlington Northern Railroad (B.N.), Northern Pacific (N.P.) and Union Pacific (U.P.) built the depot in 1906. This building is a primary contributing element of Butte's National Historic Landmark District. Of Butte's surviving rail stations, its railway setting and external appearance is least altered. The site consists of three structures of nearly identical style; the center building was the main depot, a west building (formerly baggage rooms) and an east room (formerly restaurant and freight). 

Purchased in the spring of 2000 by Tom & Janel Madrazo, the Front Street Station had not be in use since 1979. Most of the stately columns are still in place, as is the terrazzo tile that covers the floor and part of the walls. Large windows and frames of dark wood take you back to the passenger trains' heyday. It is said that all the soldiers from Montana who went off to fight in WWII left through the Burlington Northern Train Depot.